Folklore Games 2nd ESO

All cultures use differents types of games to practice during the leisure time.
This games are an important part of the personality os this societies.
There are common games be played in a country, modifications about this games played in specific zones and particular games in a definite place.
This activity help us to investigate about the games played by ours grandparents when they were children.
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In this publication you can find the classnotes about the firs term contents.

Remeber to solve doubs about this classnotes before the exam date.

2nd ESO

Warm up:   warming-up-1st2nd-eso-english

Physical Condition: physical-condition-12eso-english

Circulatory System:circulatory-system

Basketball: basket-classnotes-2nd-eso

Badminton: badminton-single-english

3rd ESO

Warm up: warming-up-3eso-english

Physical Condition: physical-condition-3eso-english

Basketball: basket-classnotes-3rd-eso

4th ESO

Warming up: warming-up-4eso-english

Physical condition: physical-condition-4eso-english

Training principles: (CLICK HERE)

Volleyball: voleyball-4th-eso

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We are in the end part of this course, and now we are goint to learn how can we help injuried people.

In 1st ESO we will learn the basic knowledge about first aid: FIRST AID 1ST ESO

In 3rd ESO we will develope specific techniques for primary asessment in first aid: FIRST AID 3RD ESO

In 4th ESO we will study specific wounds caused during physical activity: FIRST AID 4TH ESO