Do you want to increase your last quarter score?

To improve your third quarter school result you may do an aditional homework.

4th ESO

Compare your first and third quarter physical fitness test. How do you thing about your results? May do you explain the reason of this results? You explain the relationship between your physical fitness test and your healt.
Select the capacity in wich you would like to improve the result and describe several exercises to practice in a month that help to improve the score.

Enjoy it!


The physical activity is a good way to improve your health and your quality of life, but, what happen when this activity became in a healthy problem?

In the next video you can see how affects the high level sport in the athletes atitude trought the win.

What do you think about this? How can affect dopping to amateur sporties?

Reflect about this issue and present the writted document the next friday 16th of june.





Hi students!

We are developing differents contents in PE this term.

IIn this entrance you can find the class notes about the issues that we talk about at class.

Select your level and download the information:





Hello Students.

We are in the end part of this course, and now we are goint to learn how can we help injuried people.

In 1st ESO we will learn the basic knowledge about first aid: FIRST AID 1ST ESO

In 3rd ESO we will develope specific techniques for primary asessment in first aid: FIRST AID 3RD ESO

In 4th ESO we will study specific wounds caused during physical activity: FIRST AID 4TH ESO


Sport tournament: how can we organize?

Hello students.

This quarter we learned how to organize sports tournaments.

Usually, we can use two types of tournament: format league (is named round-robin too) or playoff format (knockout system).

In league format we can develope one or two rounds. In each round each team will play versus all the others.

In knockout system, the players / teams will be put in a frame by raffle or ranking, and the winner in each match will pass to the next round.

Another way could be mixing those systems: first a single Round-robin, and the best in each group, pass to the knockout.

In the exam you will have to develope a competition system base on the previous information.

You can find more information in the next webpages: