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Profesor de educación física en Castilla la Mancha desde el curso 2006-07. Profesor en Secciones Bilingües (Inglés) desde el curso 2014-15. Creo que la actividad física es un gran transmisor de valores y una potencial herramienta para mantener un buen nivel de salud y calidad de vida.

Do you want to increase your last quarter score?

To improve your third quarter school result you may do an aditional homework.

4th ESO

Compare your first and third quarter physical fitness test. How do you thing about your results? May do you explain the reason of this results? You explain the relationship between your physical fitness test and your healt.
Select the capacity in wich you would like to improve the result and describe several exercises to practice in a month that help to improve the score.

Enjoy it!


The physical activity is a good way to improve your health and your quality of life, but, what happen when this activity became in a healthy problem?

In the next video you can see how affects the high level sport in the athletes atitude trought the win.

What do you think about this? How can affect dopping to amateur sporties?

Reflect about this issue and present the writted document the next friday 16th of june.





Hi students!

This is the last effort. In a few weeks you are going to be enjoying your summer.
These are the exam dates and contents by levels 3RD TERM EXAM DATES. If you need something, write to me before the exam or ask to me in class.


Healthy diet (food pyramid) A3_Healthy_Ireland_Food_Pyramid_Poster_Consumer_Version

Muscle system: Muscles and movements

Outdoor activities (Hiking) Information explained at class and in the hiking activity.


Outdoor activities (orienteering); ORIENTEERING theory and compass guideline (

Ballroom Dance (Salsa)


Outdoor activities (Orienteering); ORIENTEERING theory, compass guideline ( and using the compass in interaction with a map (


First aids (soft tissues wounds and musculoskeletal injuries); chapters 7 and 8 from Red Cross Manual: FIRST AIDS RED CROSS PARTICIPANT´S MANUAL 2014

Sports tournament organization

Orienteering… An envioroment problem?

This quarter we are going to learn some specific techniques to practice orienteering in the enviroment.

Nowadays the enviroment´s maintenance is one of the most important things to societies due to the big meaning that they have in the pollution control.
But, what do happen if this sport would get worse the natural places?
Here you have a document developed by International Orienteering Federation with accurate information about it. Orienteering-a-nature-sport-with-low-ecological-impact (CLICK TO DOWNLOAD)

The document may appear too long, but if you read carefully the topic of this issue, you will find quikly the useful information.
In this activity you will have to read it and write a personal conclusion with your point of view about this topic.
The dead line will be the next 25th-may in class. Please write it carefully by hand, with clear caligraphy and 100 limit words.
The summer is here! It is the last effort!
Come on!


Hi students!

We are developing differents contents in PE this term.

IIn this entrance you can find the class notes about the issues that we talk about at class.

Select your level and download the information:




Folklore Games 2nd ESO

All cultures use differents types of games to practice during the leisure time.
This games are an important part of the personality os this societies.
There are common games be played in a country, modifications about this games played in specific zones and particular games in a definite place.
This activity help us to investigate about the games played by ours grandparents when they were children.
Download the next document and follow the instructions: folklore-games-card (click to download)


Hello students!

In this publication you can find the classnotes about the firs term contents.

Remeber to solve doubs about this classnotes before the exam date.

2nd ESO

Warm up:   warming-up-1st2nd-eso-english

Physical Condition: physical-condition-12eso-english

Circulatory System:circulatory-system

Basketball: basket-classnotes-2nd-eso

Badminton: badminton-single-english

3rd ESO

Warm up: warming-up-3eso-english

Physical Condition: physical-condition-3eso-english

Basketball: basket-classnotes-3rd-eso

4th ESO

Warming up: warming-up-4eso-english

Physical condition: physical-condition-4eso-english

Training principles: (CLICK HERE)

Volleyball: voleyball-4th-eso

See you soon!